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Cleaning Company and Maid Hiring Guide

After Godliness, we have cleanliness. Cleaning is the act of getting rid of dirt, grime, infectious agents, and other impurities. Other than improving the working and living conditions, cleanliness also eliminates disease-causing bacteria. For those who have no time to do the cleaning, they are supposed to hire cleaning services or maids since cleanliness is paramount. A cleaning company will send some cleaners to your home daily or on certain days depending on the agreement. A person who is hired to ensure a house is clean and neat is known as a maid. Below are advantages of cleaning services over maids.

A cleaning service will clean your house faster. Cleaning companies have a large pool of labor hence they supply more than one cleaners. The cleaners are also qualified and experienced, therefore, they only need some few minutes or hours to ensure your house is neat. A maid is a single person hence he/she needs a longer duration to clean the floor, dispose the litter and do the rest.

The cleaning services invest in cleaning tools and equipment. Once you hire a cleaning service, you don’t have to buy mops, squeezers, buckets, bowls, vacuum cleaners, dustpans, cloths, and others since the service uses its equipment. In case you hire a maid, you need to buy vacuum cleaners, mops, cloths and agents for cleaning.

A cleaning company is insured. If the cleaners supplied by the cleaning company damage your things accidentally, you will get compensated. Hiring a cleaning company such as Calgary House Cleaning is highly advisable and if you want to know more about this company, please speak to us. Since a maid is not protected, you will receive no compensation if furniture and electronics are damaged during cleaning.

The other advantage of a cleaning service over a maid is improving your social class. Many people have no capability of utilizing cleaning services hence you will raise your social class by hiring such a service. You can find maids in many homes.

The following are disadvantages of cleaning services over a maid.

A maid is cheaper than hiring a cleaning service. A maid will enable you to save some cash on cleaning. A lot of cleaning companies charges their services on an hourly basis while maids are paid every month.

Finally, it is easier to establish a good relationship with a maid rather than a cleaning company. The cleaners who are assigned to do cleaning at your house this week will not be the same next week.

After reading this article carefully, you will be able to make a right decision on who to clean your house.